“Byting” off More PD with 2.0 Tools

Constructivists, like myself, in education today would agree that technology is redefining the way we think, practice, communicate, and carry out the routines of day-to-day living. In my personal and professional life, I have become increasingly dependent on my personal devices, such as my iPhone, iPad, and my Mac.   I may leave home without … Continue reading “Byting” off More PD with 2.0 Tools

Okay…I am Backing Off! (Well…a little!)

                I was reading an article I found on Twitter this morning and it really spoke to me as a leader.  I have been trying to grow our staff professionally in a lot of ways, especially with Twitter.  Like the author of the article also states, I too find myself in such a state of … Continue reading Okay…I am Backing Off! (Well…a little!)