My First Publication… Kahoot!


My first publication, Hoot! Hoot! Kahoot! was a paper submitted to the Texas Association of Literacy Education (TALE).  TALE published the paper in the subsection of their quarterly newsletter.  Please read my work, which can be found on page 7-8 of volume 4 issue 3.  I would to know what you think about it.


I will be presenting about Kahoot! on August 1, 2015 through EdcampGlobal (ECG).  I’ve created a link for you to visit the ECG calendar wiki for more information.

Edcamp Calendar 

EdcampGlobal Wix

Wiki for EdcampHOT

For those of you in Texas, EdcampHOT in Waco will be on August 1st.  This will be an awesome professional development opportunity for educators across our great state.  Our goal is to bring as many educators together to form the best collaborative network around Texas.  So, y’all come on now and get yourselves registered.

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