Minecraft: Educational? (A blog post written by Elena, 12 years old)

This blog was written by my awesome techy daughter, Elena.  I love her!  She is in love with the whole STEM idea, and I could not be more proud.  The post is copied as written.  I know there are places I could help her edit, but I like it in its raw form because it simply speaks the way she feels.  To edit would mean to change her voice…at this point.


Minecraft Educational?


By Elena (12 years old) Aspiring to work for Google Sometime Soon


Many of Minecraft’s younger players have probably used the excuse “It’s educational!” to keep playing this blocky game. Today my quest is to find the real educational value of Minecraft. Is Minecraft training or destroying the brain? I have done some research to find out some of Minecraft’s core educational values. I will leave the websites I used below. Before I begin, I would like to state that some of these views are opinions that could go either way.

     In order to properly answer this question, we need to ask ourselves what is the meaning of educational. I searched up the answer. I concluded by looking through many different dictionaries. My final conclusion is that educational means “of or relating to the provision of education.” Now that we know that I can state multiple educational values.


Learning that Applies Offline:


One of the most obvious educational values in Minecraft is math. The whole crafting system depends on it. An example I can think of is when you need to make some axes to cut down wood for your house. You have come to the conclusion that you will need about 3 axes to obtain all the wood you need. You know that for each axe you will need 3 cobblestone blocks and two sticks. So you then would have to use an equation to find out that you will need 9 cobblestones and 6 sticks. That is just scraping the surface of minecraft’s math educational values. If you would like to know more you can go to some of the links at the bottom of the page.

     The blocky game also allows for players to easily learn basic English skills. It is learned easy and fast in Minecraft as it allows for its users to need to know commands that must be spelled correctly. This Indie game also has a menu of blocks which allow for a great place for the younger players to learn multiple words. In the game, you can obtain an item called “book and quill.” Once you have built your house and slay a few creepers you can write a book about it! This allows a great place for players to practice typing, English, and basic writing functions.

Minecraft is a great place for children who are just learning about music. The game has ‘notebooks’ that let them make their own music. Some players have taken this to new extremes and created recreations of popular songs with note blocks. Basically can teach yourself chords, notes, octaves.

There is a huge list of things that could be put here, but I do not have the time to type it all. If you are interested, you can find some information in the links below.


Taking Minecraft Learning to the Classroom:


Minecraft is currently being taken to the classroom. There are over 1,500 schools currently teaching with Minecraft! Many teachers think that Minecraft is a magnificent way for kinetic (hands on) learners to benefit more from Minecraft than they do from a lot of of other ways of teaching. The list of things learned with Minecraft at school goes on and on. I guess this proves that along with endless fun possibilities there are also endless learning possibilities.


Minecraft Helping with Fast Integration of Technology:


Along with helping kids in the classroom, Minecraft is preparing its players for the integration of technology. In the year 2020, computer science will be one of the top paying industries according to my research. Many jobs will come open for those with an education in computer technology. Minecraft makes players more curious and drives them to learn more. The game basically gives players a head start with computers.

     Minecraft has inspired many people to learn the language of coding called “Java.” There are other languages in coding, but I prefer Java. Many players of the game want to learn how to code, because learning Java you can allow you to make modifications to the game (mods) and (plugins). Players who want to create their own server must learn about plugins, configuration of files, and much more.




As you can see, Minecraft is proven educational according to the definitions I searched up. The game not only allows you to learn things that will help you succeed in school, but it also helps you learn things in real life. One of my favorite things about Minecraft is that you learn, but do not feel like you are learning. I would like to say that I just scraped the tip of the iceberg with this post. It was just to spark an interest. I am hoping that people will look more into the subject. I hope you enjoyed!

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