Okay…I am Backing Off! (Well…a little!)


               I was reading an article I found on Twitter this morning and it really spoke to me as a leader.  I have been trying to grow our staff professionally in a lot of ways, especially with Twitter.  Like the author of the article also states, I too find myself in such a state of captivated state where Twitter is concerned.  I have been so fascinated by the plethora of ideas I have received that I have forgotten this Twitter Love may not be shared by everyone.  So, I am willing to take a step back from pushing this on others.  What I won’t allow myself to do is to take a stand back from pushing professionals to learn.  I feel all educators should be continuously learning using a medium comfortable for them.  There are all kinds of professional learning tools out there, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Skype, Hangouts, blogs,  book studies, etc. 

                As a leader of a campus, I want to continue to grow with our staff as we create a culture of learning.  As professionals, I believe we cannot stop being teachers at the end of the school day.  Most other professionals don’t!   We must seek to better ourselves as learning gurus in our field at all times.  Sometimes I have to stop and think what I would want for my own children (I have 3 girls).  I want the teachers and leaders who touch my children’s lives to be on top of their game.   I want expert educators who are willing to be the best they can be and not stop at anything short of that.  I want positive and encouraging people to teach my children who are committed to their field, which requires studious mindsets.  I want their teachers to have high expectations for my own children and for themselves.  If I want those things for my own children, why wouldn’t I want that for all the children who attend our school every day?

                So, as we continue this year, I will no longer push Twitter but highly encourage it.  I still think anyone who is not on this social site is losing out on fantastic PD.  Some people think there is not enough time to do it, but I say there’s not enough time not to do it.  The ideas, wisdom, and professional development received from Twitter are remarkable.  No matter what is used, the key is being responsible to seek your own professional learning.  If you are not doing something in this area, you are selling yourself and your students short.  That’s a shame!

Here is the article that inspired me to write this article today:


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