Why I Lead… #SAVMP

Image         Leading a school as assistant principal or even as an instructional specialist (my previous job) was never my intention for my career.  In fact, until recently I could never imagine myself in a role defined by a leadership definition.  I would have to say that unpredicted journeys and difficult personal paths in my life have played a huge part in heading me down the road of leadership.  I had to gain a lot of personal confidence in myself first before ever reaching a point in my life where I had enough faith to lead others.  I also had to let go of inner thoughts that often plagued my mind about what people thought of me.  I have lived most my life through the lenses of how others perceived me.  I would rather have had affirmation from other people than to be really happy with what I was doing.  I cannot leave out divine intervention on my journey to leadership. I truly feel God allowed many unpleasant circumstances to occur in my life in His efforts to teach me patience, confidence, courage, and other skills that leaders often get branded with.  I am definitely a work in progress, but I have been able to break many of the negative strongholds in my life.

About a year ago now, I started to see how my own experiences, learning opportunities, and desires were leading me down my uncharted path of becoming a leader.  Feeling a bit risky, I jumped in headfirst and decided to be adventurous instead of my normal stance, which was standing with others on an observation deck.  At the time of this revelation, I was attending grad school.  I changed my whole graduate plan from curriculum (which I still love) to administration.  New doors started to open for me and I felt on fire to lead for the first time in my life.  I can honestly say I made the BEST decision of my life.  Who knows where this career will take me, but I will never look back and say, “I wish I had.”  I have said that only million times in my life with regrets.

I am more excited than ever about education.  It is incredible how rapid it is moving and shaking.  I yearn to do so much more to make learning for students and teachers the best it can be!  So, why am I leading?  Well, I am leading because I have the passion to do so now along with the faith and confidence in my ability to do it.   Those beliefs about myself were born from hard work, heartache, and even a broken spirit temporarily.  I am leading because I know it is the thing I am called to do.  I am leading because I want to create other leaders as passionate as me.  I am leading because I love what I do so deeply that I don’t want this passion to be wasted.  I am leading because I care for people, for children, and for me.  I lead because I want to make a difference!

4 thoughts on “Why I Lead… #SAVMP

  1. This is a beautiful reflection! Thanks for sharing it! Glad to see you are part of #SAVMP! Looking forward to the experience!

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