Tweeting for Tweachers

Last November I became a member of a network that changed my whole life.  If that sounds huge, that’s because it was!  I was at a Simplifying Response to Intervention conference when it all started.  The keynote speaker kept say the “T-word” and to “follow-us” time and time again.  So, right then and there, I created my account.  TeacherCoach @mandyvasek  I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just explored at first. The first educational gem I found was Crista Anderson @cristama.  She is amazing!!!  If you haven’t followed her yet, YOU MUST!  Then I found others like Erin Klein and Larry Ferlazzo.  Since then, I have been hooked!  I would consider myself a Twitter Junkie since I am on it almost 24/7.  The knowledge I have gained from Twitter would have costed me thousands of dollars at a university.  Not to mention, I feel like I have a new family…a PLN family. I would love to meet f2f with many of them someday.  Maybe at the ASCD conference in the fall???  Can’t wait #soexcited!

For those educators out there everywhere, you are losing out if you are not on Twitter.  In late April, I started a district Twitter site called MidwayIdeas @MidwayIdea.  My goal is to get 100% participation on Twitter from our class 5A district.  I know it is a hefty goal, but I am striving for that.  I believe Twitter has too much to offer for me not be diligent about increasing our followers.  I would love to get enough Tweeters to start my own moderated chat experience within my  district.  Since our district is striving to create PLCs on every campus, I think that topic would be an ideal one for our first chat.

For those of you Tweeter Leaders out there, doing a Twitter 101 class for your school or district is a great way to hook some of those reluctant educators who just don’t like technology.  Once they see the value in Twitter, they’ll be Twitter Junkies, too.  I read an article today, which I am attaching to this blog post, about effective meetings.  This author suggested having teachers spend a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting reading Twitter posts and articles.  What a cool idea!  Can you imagine sitting around the table discussing the very ideas you just found on Twitter???  Not a better PD in my book! Happy Tweeting!

3 thoughts on “Tweeting for Tweachers

  1. Great sentiments! I started with Twitter about 18 months ago and, despite going through the odd ‘fallow’ period, do come back to it.
    Finding ways to integrate it into the class is my next step – the link is valuable in this regard!

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