TEPSA15 #SML Click the above link to read Brett Stamm's blog entry.  Brett is a public school administrator in Texas.  In the picture are the fabulous tweeps I was finally awarded the opportunity to meet and work alongside during the conference.  It was a wonderful dream come true to meet these awesome, passionate, and dedicated … Continue reading TEPSA15

My First Publication… Kahoot!

spring_2015_newsletter My first publication, Hoot! Hoot! Kahoot! was a paper submitted to the Texas Association of Literacy Education (TALE).  TALE published the paper in the subsection of their quarterly newsletter.  Please read my work, which can be found on page 7-8 of volume 4 issue 3.  I would to know what you think about it. … Continue reading My First Publication… Kahoot!

Minecraft: Educational? (A blog post written by Elena, 12 years old)

This blog was written by my awesome techy daughter, Elena.  I love her!  She is in love with the whole STEM idea, and I could not be more proud.  The post is copied as written.  I know there are places I could help her edit, but I like it in its raw form because it … Continue reading Minecraft: Educational? (A blog post written by Elena, 12 years old)

“Byting” off More PD with 2.0 Tools

Constructivists, like myself, in education today would agree that technology is redefining the way we think, practice, communicate, and carry out the routines of day-to-day living. In my personal and professional life, I have become increasingly dependent on my personal devices, such as my iPhone, iPad, and my Mac.   I may leave home without … Continue reading “Byting” off More PD with 2.0 Tools